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Solutions to Avoiding Blisters The key to avoiding blisters and rubbing is to minimize friction and moisture. Try rubbing baby powder between your toes or on your heels before leaving the house or place moleskin around the inner toe area of the thong.
Solutions for Flat Sandals To make flats such as gladiators more foot and back friendly add full pads that simultaneously cushion the heel and ball of foot. My Footprints by ‘Airplus for Her’ come in fun, colourful prints such as leopards or polka dots.
Solutions for Strappy Sandals Many people become uncomfortable in killer strappy high heels due to the lack of arch support. ‘Airplus for Her’ makes a gel insert that adheres to the shoe and helps in creating that needed support while being virtually invisible to onlookers.
Solutions for Sling Back Sandals The best trick for slippery sling backs is ‘Airplus For Her’ Strappies. They are thin adhesive strips that you can place on the inside of the heel strap to help them stay on